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Meet our Security Team

Bruce Thompson

Bruce created and managed a company providing executive protection teams to groups and organizations based in Los Angeles. Bruce managed all security aspects from physical security to intellectual property protection for large entertainment studios and companies for over 30 years. Through his work, Bruce was privileged to work around the United States and the world several times, creating a dynamic ability to work in any environment.

After many years on the road and with a young child, Bruce decided to transfer management of his company and moved to the Central Coast. Although Bruce was looking forward to slowing down, he has been the leader needed to take ProTac into continuous steps of growth.

Ben Parliament

Ben served in the US Army directly after High School and returned to his home area of the Central Coast. Entrepreneurship is a family tradition and Ben began creating company ideas even while still in the Military. Through his military roles, Ben became very comfortable operating in austere environments and applying those abilities to the training he delivers, and the Clients ProTac takes on. Ben oversees the day-to-day operations of ProTac, ensuring that every employee is properly trained, supervised, and supported. Ben also continues his passion for combat medicine in his medical training and supply company.

Andrew Brasile

Andrew “Sonny” always had a knack for making the sale, whether it was connecting with a customer or using his extensive connections in local communities. Sonny played professional football for the San Francisco 49ers and after an uneventful but memorable time, he returned to the Central Coast and began coaching Football.

Unfortunately, Sonny passed away in 2017 in the early years of ProTac.