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Comprehensive Safety and Security Solutions on the Central Coast

ProTac was established in 2015 in Orcutt, California, by Bruce Thompson, Ben Parliament, and Andrew “Sonny” Brasile, to deliver a reputable and proactive security solution to the Central Coast. The company has demonstrated sustainability as a smaller-scale entity, focusing directly on sites within San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County.

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strategic feature
Concentrated Area of Operation


One of ProTac’s standout features is its strategic geographic position and selective area of operations. Unlike some companies that expand broadly, ProTac concentrates on the Central Coast, ensuring a genuine and immediate focus on the needs of each client. Operating from a central office in Orcutt, CA, our Area of Operations spans from San Luis Obispo, and Lompoc to Buellton along Highway 101, facilitating quick response times for staff and resources to reach any site within minutes, not hours.

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Empowering Pillars
Our Core Principles

Our founders have imbued ProTac with core principles that have evolved into our pillars: localism, integrity, dedication, reliability, hard work, communication, and flexibility. These pillars empower us to provide clients with an elevated level of safety and security, concurrently generating cost-saving opportunities for clients and fostering professional growth and sustainability for our employees.

commitment to
innovation and evolution

United by a passion for delivering the utmost professional service to unique and challenging clients, ProTac’s founders combined the tried-and-true aspects of security with a commitment to innovation and evolution during the company’s inception.ProTac has proven to be a resilient service provider in the face of changing global environments, particularly on the Central Coast. In our initial five years, amid challenges faced globally, ProTac adeptly pivoted approaches, ensuring uninterrupted support for clients to continue their projects seamlessly.

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Safety and Security
for the Central Coast area

Anticipating the continued evolution of the Central Coast, ProTac eagerly looks forward to supporting projects in key life areas, including Agriculture, Healthcare and Medical, Aerospace, and Renewable Energy.

Our mission is to provide communities and sites on the Central Coast with an elevated level of safety and security. Our business values include localism, integrity, dedication, reliability, hard work, communication, and flexibility.