Government and Aerospace Security Services

ProTac Security, Your Assurance of Safety and Excellence

Here ProTac Security excellence meets safety in Government and Aerospace Security (GAS). As your trusted partner, ProTac Security excels in maintaining safety and security at sensitive government and aerospace sites, ensuring the success of projects with precision and dedication.

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Security Solutions for Sensitive Sites

ProTac Security stands out for its ability to address all threats, whether physical or digital, at sensitive government and aerospace sites. Our team members are rigorously trained to handle the unique challenges of these environments, providing comprehensive security solutions that safeguard both personnel and projects.


Operating in
Sensitive and Remote Areas

In the realm of government and aerospace security, our expertise extends to operating in sensitive and remote areas. ProTac Security’s GAS Team is well-prepared to navigate challenging terrains, ensuring the security of projects in even the most secluded locations.

Ensuring Information Security
Your Confidentiality Guardian

Clients entrust ProTac Security with information security, confident that our officers are vigilant in preventing any unauthorized documents or photos from leaving sites. Our commitment to confidentiality and information security is unwavering, providing you with the assurance that sensitive data remains protected.

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Space Base

A Unique Advantage
Effective Communication with Foreign Nationals

ProTac Security takes pride in its ability to effectively communicate with foreign nationals, understanding their sensitivities and cultural nuances. This unique advantage ensures a secure and harmonious environment for all personnel involved in government and aerospace projects.

Extending Security
Excellence Across the Central Coast

ProTac Security proudly extends its Government and Aerospace Security services across the Central Coast, covering key regions such as Lompoc, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo County, and Santa Barbara County. Our central location in Orcutt, California, strategically positions us to provide specialized security services to government and aerospace facilities in the region.

Choose ProTac Security as your trusted partner for Government and Aerospace Security. Our commitment to safety, information security, and effective communication makes us the ideal choice for securing the success of your sensitive projects.