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Welcome to ProTac, 

We are happy to have you join the team.  Below is some information that will help guide you for your upcoming Orientation.  

Orientation is your next step.  It will be held at the Office in Orcutt and will take about an hour and a half.  If you would like to expedite the Orientation you can print out the Personnel Packet and pre fill it out.  If you do not, we will have copies ready for you at the office.  

At Orientation you will be issued uniforms.  We will issue you two uniform shirts, a jacket, a hat, badge, and a full duty belt setup with equipment.  You will need to provide your own Boots, Pants, and an undershirt.

Pants must be Grey or Black.  We recommend tactical style pants.  Our top recommended pant is the First Tactical V2 Tactical Pant which is also available in women's sizing.  Click on the links to check out the pants.  Ordering online is a good option so you can return them if they do not fit.

Boots must be all black.  Other than that there is no other requirement.  If you would like to wear mid or low boots you may, just make sure they are all black.  Due to the types of sites we work it is not recommended to wear low cut shoes/boots.  Check out a couple options; First Tactical Boots  Altama Assault Boots  CopQuest Store  

You will also need to wear a black crewneck undershirt under your uniform shirt.  Make sure it is a crew neck and that the sleeves do not stick out from the sleeves of the uniform shirt.

You will be issued a Duty Belt if you do not have one or would prefer to use ours.  They are Nylon.  If you have your own it must be either Nylon or Basketweave leather and all pouches must match each other.  

If you would like to wear body armor, you may, as long as it fits within our policies.  
Concealed Armor that goes under the uniform shirt is allowed with little restrictions.  As long as it does not create an unprofessional look by being too bulky and it is black, it is allowed.
Outer Carriers that are worn over the uniform may only be worn if they are certain specific models.  If you already have body armor panels and want to get an approved outer carrier you can choose between the Safelife Defense Uniform Shirt Carrier or the Tactical Uniform Shirt Carrier.  If you do not have armor and want it, check out package deals from Safelife Defense below.  They do also offer payment plans.
Uniform Shirt Carrier with Panels
Tactical Uniform Shirt Carrier with Panels
Concealable Armor 


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