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Class B Uniform Guidelines

The Class B Uniform is the standard everyday duty uniform for ProTac. 

The Class A Uniform is used for ceremonies or special events and the Class C is used for Training or Office Operations.  


All Hats must be Black

ProTac has embroidered baseball caps available to officers.  Hats are available in S/M, L/XL, and XXL Flexfit as well as adjustable style.  

Due to the lack of available ProTac hats at this time plain black baseball caps may be worn by officers who have not been issued a ProTac hat.


All Undershirts must be Black

In the Class B Uniform, The top button of the uniform shirt is unbuttoned.

A black crewneck undershirt must be worn under the uniform shirt.

The sleeves of a short sleeve undershirt shall not be visible under the uniform shirt.

Officers may wear a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve uniform shirt if; the undershirt is a tight compression material, and is all black.

Uniform Shirt

All Uniform Shirts must be Black

The standard Class B Uniform Shirt is the First Tactical Pro Duty Uniform Shirt Short Sleeve.

Traditionally, the Class B Uniform is a Short Sleeve shirt, but officers may wear a Long Sleeve option as long as the top button remains unbuttoned.

The Bla
uer Performance Patrol Polo Uniform Shirt is Authorized as well, though not available in long sleeve.

If you purchase your own Uniform Shirts, you will be responsible for getting the ProTac Shoulder Patches sewn on each shoulder.

Other Black Uniform Shirts may be approved on a case by case basis.  

ProTac issues metal badges to most officers.  The priority is given to armed officers but the goal is to have every officer have a issued ProTac badge.  Only ProTac badges may be worn, if you have not been issued a badge, you should not wear anything where the badge should go.

On the uniform shirt there are two holes that are sewn onto the left chest.  The badg
e pin is poked through the top and then through the bottom.  That will ensure the badge is in the proper place at all times.  The badge may only be worn on the left chest.

ProTac issues metal nameplates to all officers. Only ProTac issued nameplates may be worn.  Nameplates shall be worn centered above the right breast pocket directly on top of the pocket seam.

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Body Armor - Under the Uniform Shirt

All Carriers must be Black

Vest that go under the Uniform Shirt are called Concealable Armor.

All Concealable vests are authorized, as long as they do not present an unprofessional look.  The most common cause for an unprofessional look is a vest being the improper size and/or being too bulky appearing. 

ProTac recommends Safe Life Defense for Body.  They have several different options as far as budget is concerned, and also offer payment plans on their products.  

It is important to understand the components of the vest.  A traditional Concealable Vest comes as a carrier with an insert-able panel in the front and back.  This panel is what provides the protection and is what makes the difference in price.  

Safelife Defense offers the following options:

Multi-Threat Level IIIA - Great entry level vest, will protect against most handgun rounds. ($500)
Enhanced Multi-Threat Level IIIA - Adds stab protection in addition to most handgun rounds. ($600)
Hyperline Level IIIA - Ultra thin and lightweight, same protection as above. ($1100)
FRAS - Flexible and defends against rifle threats.  ($1600)


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Body Armor - Over the Uniform Shirt

All Carriers must be Black

If you would rather wear your vest outside your uniform shirt, you will need to get a Uniform Carrier.  

The panels from the Concealable Carrier can be removed and put into the Uniform Carrier.  It is wise to have the ability to switch your vest between the two carriers and have them both available to you.

Once you buy your Concealable Vest above, you can purchase just the Uniform Carrier, for around $180.

Other Outer Carriers may be approved, but they must have a uniform shirt look, allow you to place a badge on the outside, and have shoulder epaulettes.  You should get a potential Outer Carrier approved before purchasing.  If you do not, you may purchase a vest you are not allowed to wear with ProTac.

If you choose to wear the Uniform Carrier, you may also change the Uniform Shirt you wear.  Currently ProTac authorizes the First Tactical Pro Performance Shirt that may be more comfortable under the outer carrier.  Click to view the options below.


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Duty Belt

All Duty Belts must match

Duty Belts must be worn at all times while on duty.

Duty Belts are issued but if an Officer wants to use their own Duty Belt they may.

Duty Belts must be either Nylon or Basket Weave Leather.  Every pouch and item on the belt must match the others, no mixing of nylon and leather pouches.  If you use Leather, you should make sure all the snaps are the same color.

An under belt must be worn at all times and the Duty Belt must be either attached with belt keepers or velcro'd.

If you are interested in buying your own Duty Belt, ProTac recommends the Bianchi Accumold line.  This duty belt will last 10-15 years easily and is the most popular nylon duty belt.  The leather version is the Bianchi Accumold Elite.

ProTac issues Tact Squad Duty Belts.


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All Pants must be Black or Grey

Officers must provide their own pants.

Pants must be Tactical or Cargo style.  No Jeans are allowed. 

There are several different options to purchase pants but most are online. 

Click HERE to view options for stores that you can go to in person.

Make sure that if you are getting Grey pants, they are close to Wolf Grey, there are several different shades of Grey.  Wolf Grey is similar to Grey and Storm, Charcoal is too dark and is not acceptable.


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All Footwear must be Black

All Boots that are Black are authorized. 

It is recommended that you take the type of site you are working at into consideration.  Most sites are dirty and have unpaved roads.  Footwear with good ankle support and of high quality will be the best. 

It is also recommended you think about getting water proof boots if you are worried about working in wet conditions.


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Cold Weather Gear

All Cold Weather Gear must be Black

If you would like to wear additional gear to combat cold weather you may at your discretion as long as it appears professional and uniform.

Each October, ProTac will issue a new Beanie and Neck Gaiter to officers who have not been issued one and wish to be issued one.


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Wet Weather Gear

All Wet Weather Gear must be Black

Wet Weather gear may be worn at your discretion when rain or other wet conditions are present.

Each October, ProTac will issue a Poncho to officers who have not been issued one and wish to be issued one.


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