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ProTac does not currently offer training or classes to the general public. 



Please see a list of online and in person vendors that are reccomended below.

ProTac does not endorse any of the following vendors

Valley Guard Training

Van Nuys, CA

(818) 989-7825

Guard Card, Continuing Education, Exposed Firearm Permit, Chemical Agents, and Baton

Allegiant Protection Services

Salinas, CA

(831) 800-7068

Guard Card, Exposed Firearm Permit, Chemical Agents, and Baton

For Inital Guard Card Students

Once you complete the online or in person initial eight hour class, you will need to be fingerprinted and then submit your application, certificate of completion, and fingerprints to BSIS.

Once your application is submitted, you may contact ProTac to schedule an interview for a Security Officer position.

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