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ProTac applies our Innovative Approach to Safety and Security to a wide range of sites that require individual tailoring.  

Part of our Innovative Approach is to start with the basics of a security program specifically tailored to your site and your needs.  Once we establish your foundation, we build on top of it, using examples of proven and failed programs elsewhere, we find the appropriate aspects to incorporate into you and ProTac's joint security program.

ProTac Experience

ProTac was founded in 2015 and we began providing services for special events both large and small.  We currently do not provide service for special events.

In 2016, We started providing General Security Services by working inside some of the venues we only supported for special events, for example after working only events at a local historic hotel, we then took over the services for their night security officer.  We also worked with several large construction projects during that time including the Santa Maria Costco and several vehicle dealerships. We still offer these services for dedicated officer services for Hotels, Building Complexes, Banks, Etc.

In 2018, ProTac began supporting the diverse and beautiful agriculture areas that the Central Coast provides a home for.  Our Agriculture Services provide officers who know how to deter and detect the specific crimes that effect the Agriculture Sector.  Our officers also use a variety of tools to patrol the rough and vast terrain these items are located.

In 2022, we created a dedicated group of officers to work at Construction and Industrial Sites.  These sites are just as susceptible to crime and often have large amounts of value on site, but with the added concern for safety and flexibility in areas of development.  

In Early 2023, ProTac returned to some of our military roots by supporting missions on nearby Vandenberg Space Force Base.  ProTac is honored and proud to support missions that improve national security as well as life services through non governmental partners.

Currently in 2023, we have created a new division of ProTac to support Residential and Community Areas.  These Officers utilize the highest level of customer service while still maintaining safety and security that is unmatched.

In the Future, ProTac is excited to offer services for Healthcare Facilities.  ProTac's leadership has extensive knowledge in not just providing security for Healthcare Facilities but also working as a Healthcare Professional. 


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